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Hi everyone.

I am a nursing student, and current CNA II working in GYN-ONC. My dream is to work in pediatrics, but it is so very difficult to get a position as a nurse in one of these units at our hospital. I was hoping someone could tell me where I can work and what I can do in the meantime to make myself a better candidate for a position in pediatrics in the future. I'm obviously hoping to transfer into pediatrics as a CNA until I finish school in hopes that this will help, but it seems impossible. Positions are rarely open and when they are, hundreds of applications are received :rolleyes:.

Thanks for any advice!

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Well I definitely would recommend trying to get a CNA job on a peds unit, but I do understand that those can be hard to come by. If your current facility has a peds unit, you could perhaps speak with the manager about working PRN (ie 1-2 shifts a month) when they are very short staffed. She might appreciate the offer, I know some peds units I've worked on are very, very short staffed when it comes to CNA's.

If you can, I would recommend doing a summer internship in peds. If you can't get onto a regular peds med-surg floor, apply for NICU, PICU, etc anything that will help show you want to work with kids.

Also, if you have a final semester senior internship of sorts, try to do it in peds if possible.

All these things will help show a peds manager that you are serious about wanting to work with kids.

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I definitely agree with everything that ChristineN said!

Especially in regards to having a senior practicum in peds, PICU, NICU. A lot of students tend to get hired on the units that they had their practicum on.

I would also recommend taking every opportunity in nursing school to be involved with pediatric patients. For example, during my community clinical I was extremely lucky... I explained my interest in pediatrics to my clinical instructor and I was able to have my clinical in pediatric clinics and pediatric home health! During my other clinicals (med/surg, psych, etc), I also let my instructors know my interest in peds... I was able to shadow in the PICU, NICU, Peds ER multiple times! During your pediatric clinical... network!! Get to know your instructor and let her know that you absolutely love peds. Do your best during this clinical. Help staff with other patients (if you're allowed to) and try to get to know the managers. You never know who you'll meet and how they can help you obtain your dream job.

Good luck!

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no matter where you work in the hospital, try to get an opportunity to meet the Maternal child Director to let that person know of your interest. They may "keep tabs" on you from a distance.

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Thank you all very much for the wonderful advice!

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