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Hi. ... I will be working at pediatrics office giving immunizations daily. My other job the MA's gave immunizations injections. Im little nervous to give injections to babies and young kiddos. Is there examples I can buy to practice with injections? I have 3 weeks to prepare. Help any suggestions.


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Just a few thoughts that come to mind;

1. Know what sites to use for waht ages.

2. What meds cam be mixed with lidocaine and when to do so. (ex. Rocephen)

3. Personally, after drawing meds I always change to a new/sharp needle just before I inject any med.

4. You have a job to do, so go and do it. Stalling while you work up your nerve will NOT make it any better and can make it worse.

5. NEVER mislead a child. If it is going to hurt I will tell them. If it is not going to hurt, I tell them. I want them to truxst me.

6 Finally, I will never let a parent use a shot as a threat. (i.e. - you had better behave or he will give you a shot) I have made more tham one parent mad, but I always tell them to not do that. The last thing we need is for a parent to feed what fear the child already has. That will just make it harder on all of us-including the pt.


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I always let our new people practice injections on me (with saline) so they could work on their technique before doing it with the children. See if someone in your office is willing to be the guinea pig :). If you are giving multiple shots (say for a 5 year old), sometimes it helps to tag team with another person and do two at the same time (each take an arm). Little babies I had lay on their backs with mom holding their hands giving them love by their face while I held the thigh and gave the shots that way.

Older kids (when you could use their arms) I had sit on the exam table with their parent in from of them. I had the child lean in and give their parent a hug and I had access to their arms that way. I always did the MMR last as it really stings and would say (big bee sting) as I gave it.

Rocephin hurts. Period. Definitely use lidocaine if your MD's agree. If the volume is too big to give in one thigh, I would split it up and give with another nurse, each doing the a thigh at the same time.

The faster you do it, the better. Watch out for those big, football playing teenage boys. They tend to vasovagal easily with shots. I always made them sit down when I did their tetanus boosters etc.

Also be careful of toddler age siblings of babies when you give immunizations. They can be very protective of their baby siblings and get very upset when you do their immunizations and they are crying. I had one come up behind me and hit me!! I then would warn them that I have to give the baby "an owie" and that he/she would cry but they would able to kiss them and make them feel better when I was done!

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Thank you! What do you wear around your neck or ID to help children like toy stuff?

Im only nurse with MD. Is that safe? I like when two nurses give child shot its fast. I will be only nurse with MD she said we will see about 20 pts a day. We do have MA's.

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