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Any Pediatrics CNA's here? I have an interview on Friday in a Children's Hospital and I was wondering what are the differences between being a regular CNA and a pediatric one. Also any help with the interview questions will be highly appreciated.



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I work in a long term care facility for developmentally disabled kids. You do a lot of the same tasks - toileting, changing, bathing, dressing. A big difference is that there is a bigger focus on activities, and it's just a different atmosphere. The main job function is the same, however.

At a children's hospital, you will probably get a variety of things - disabled kids mixed with "normally abled" kids who are ill...unless it's a hospital taht specializes in a certain area.


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Thanks for replying!

How about interview questions? Any different ones?


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They will probably ask you what experience you have had with kids and how comfortable you are around them. If you will be around very sick kids, like in the ICU they might ask if you are able to handle a child dying. Those were the questions I got asked anyway. In my interview I played up my years of experience babysitting, volunteering with the kids vacation bible study at church, and being the oldest child in my family giving me a natural "mothering" tendency. I love working with kids, they can be a lot of fun and never complain :)