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I am an Aussie RN who might be moving to NY in a years time. Anyone have any advice on pediatric units in Manhattan? I just want to know whether there are great places to work, or not so great places to work, and would also like to find out about working conditions etc.

I am also keen to progress my career in time, hoepfully to CNS or CNC and would love to hear what job opportunities there are for people who have done further are there many CNS jobs around, are they well paid, and do they require a minimum of Masters degree, or are they really hard to get, not worth the money, etc etc etc.

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Hi Mel,

I worked in NYC as a travelling pediatric nurse for a little over a year recently and plan on returning within the year. Whatever you do stay away from Columbia Presbyterian (now called NY Children's) oncology/transplant unit and PICU. Staffing is the worst I have experieced in 10 years as a nurse. However, the med/surg/cardiac/neuro floors are fine. Very busy but manageable with a nice staff. (Staff on onc/transplant are great also). New building should be up soon.

A good friend of mine worked at St. Vincents in the peds unit and dreaded going to work every day. Nse./pt ratios terrible with very heavy kids, long term on vents etc., with an unhappy staff.

I have heard good things about peds and NICU at NYU from girls who have worked there.

A friend of mine is currently on travel assignment at Bellvue. It is very inner city and a busy place but she is enjoying her assignment.


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Also, you should consider trying to initially work as a travel nurse in NYC because they pay your rent which is a major expense in Manhattan. The current NYC rent stipend in with my company is $2500/month, which can get you a nice place. Otherwise it's difficult to afford living in the city as regular staff. It is hard to get a travel position in NYC, but in my opinion dfinitely worth it for the money. If you're interested in this option let me know and I can refer you to my recruiter.

Cs Jinx

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how much do Pediatric nurses get.. working in nyc?:imbar


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I have friends working as staff nurses full time with 3-6 years experience making $60,000-$65,000/yr


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Hi Kit kat

I tried emailing you directly, but it won't let me!!!!!

So yes, I would love to speak to your recruiter.



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