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Pediatric operating room/theatre nurse considering moving to UK

by blytheny blytheny (New) New

Hello, it's been quite awhile since I've been on this site!

General questions I can't seem to find the answer to elsewhere -

For a nurse with 20+ years experience, how is the pay rate in a hospital? Is it different if you're in a specialty like the OR/OT?

I've looked at all the requirements, and the needed time, which is fine, as my husband & I wouldn't probably be making a move for 3 years or so. However, at that time we'll be 56 & 59. Will our ages be an issue, starting new work overseas? We consider ourselves young for our age, but aren't sure at what age people are generally looking at retirement in the UK & if that would make me an unlikely candidate, regardless of my experience. (We wouldn't retire here until 66 or 67 - but have grown children mostly likely moving to the UK, and we'd like to continue our careers as we move.)

Do those that have made the jump recommend it? We love the UK, but moving there is entirely different, and starting over as a nurse in a new country sounds both daunting & exhilarating. Has anyone else made the jump later in their career?