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Pediatric Office Interview

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Hello, allnurses!

I'm a recent BSN graduate (May 2014) and after months and months of job searching (yes, I've been picky...) I've finally landed my first interview this Monday! It's at a nearby Pediatric clinic, and the reason why I've been so picky is because I can't see myself doing anything else besides Pediatrics. I'm also interested in possibly continuing my education to become a Pediatric Primary Care NP, so I feel like this may be the perfect opportunity for me!

I'm curious as to what types of question I may be expecting for a position in Primary Care. I do not have any previous healthcare experience, so the only experience I can base my answers off of is clinical and volunteer work I've done with children.

Also, what is appropriate to bring to an interview for a Primary Care position? I am planning on bringing a copy of my resume, letters of recommendation, my license, and CPR certification. Is there anything else that would be necessary?

Thanks to everyone in advance! :)

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Many places ask behavioral interview questios like.."tell me about the time when you had to blah blah." They want to know how you dealt with certain situations. There are tons of websites that has most 'common' (not always asked!) behavioral questions. So, if you review those questions, it will give you opportunity to recall your job experience/clinical experiences. Even though you dont get exactly same questions, it will help you recall specific situations that's similar and get you prepare how to answer those quetions.

Also, there are numerous you tube videos that give great tips for nursing interview! I especially liked nursing job interview cover by Caroline Porter Thomas, which gave me insights of how to answer certain questions.

Some of common questions I got was.. Tell me about yourself, why did you choose nursing and why do you want to work for us. For the last question, you should know basic history of the company (Ex.how they started), their vision, mission and values. I referenced their vision, mission and core values when I described myself or to answer why I wanted to work for them.

As you mentioned, bring extra hard copy of your resume, cover letter, letters of recommendations and THANK YOU CARD (saying that I really appreciate for you to make time for me out of your busy day). It was really great tip for me which gave my interviewers special impression of me! I was blessed that I could choose one out of three offers I received. I hope you the best and good luck on your interview :D

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