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  1. My daughter,who is 13 months old, has a swollen lymph node in her right groin. It is nontender, not inflamed, and is movable. It is slightly larger than that of a pea. Irregular in shape, like a bean. She has no infections and temperment is normal. No fever. Nothing out of the ordinary. Appetite is good. She is small for her age, approximatley 17 pounds. I researched some symptons on the internet and keep coming back to lymphoma. I know, I know, It's probably nothing. But, as a mom we tend to think the worst. I have set up a doctor's appt for her to be checked. Just wanted to hear anybody's input or experiences with this sort of thing. Thanks:uhoh21:
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    Update, my daughter is fine. Just her immune system kicking in after some vaccinations given about 2 weeks ago. No replys needed. Thanks anyway.