Psychology 100!!! :(

  1. Hey guys..I am feeling so depressed, my goal is to become a PNP... Im in college now taking my prereq to get into the nursing program and one of them is Psy 100.... and im not doing to good in that class. I dont know if its because he gives us a test every other week and its multiple choice with an open text book which im guessing now it is very hard cause he makes it difficult. At the very begining I thought this is going to be easy open text book but yea right. well anyway it's close to midterms and im aiming at a c- and this is putting my hopes down, I'm guessing if I cant pass this class then whats going to happen when I finally get into the nursing program? Anyone have any suggestions about this... Is my guessing true !
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  3. by   bergren
    If Pysch is a prerequisite and you do not pass it, you will not get admitted to the nurisng program. You will have to retake it before applying for admission. Also, there is a minimum GPA for nurisng, so too many Cs and you are not admitted either.

    I was never a fan of open book tests. They are always harder than regular tests and even though they are open book, you still need to study just the same, if not harder, keep up with the reading, attend class, etc. Are you doing a lot worse than everyone else, or are they all struggling? Do you like the class material - is it interesting to you?

    Go talk to your instructor. Ask for advice on how to do better. Ask if he/she sees a pattern in why you are getting the answers wrong. Ask if anyone in the past has had similar problems and what helped. Ask about extra credit assignments. Try to get a tutor or a study group together for the class. A tutor from the class might not need to be paid. You may be able to barter with them for tutoring. Also, the study/tutor centers on campus are often excellent and may be able to provide help for free. They may even be able to suggest specific strategies for open book tests.

    Don't panic!
  4. by   Brownms46
    My daughter just took this course, via an online program. She had an awful time getting thru it. She became very discouraged, and didn't think she could do it. Flunked one test...and was ready to throw in the towel. I gave her one of my super duper pep talks, and she dug in. She started to spend more time reading, and re-reading, until she got it!

    She went to take the proctored (sp)? exam, and was so scared she was shaking! She ended up missing only ONE question!!
    Have faith in yourself...if she can do can you! You have an instructor...use him. Put everything you have into learning the material. Don't give up...never give up!!
  5. by   Cs Jinx
    This is whats going on... I study my butt off I mean I read the chapter over and over and over at least 5x's. My first test I 've gotten an 62, my 2nd a 68, my 3rd a 80, my 4th a 60. The material is very interesting but I have no clue what Im doing wrong, maybe it's because all of his multiple choice answer are so similar . I'm thinking about dropping this class and retaking it... I feel like I put so much time and effort into studing for this class for nothing. It's really depressing I always had hi hopes after taking his testes because of the way I would study the whole week before. Im not the only one with this problem a couple of other students are doing worse. But is dropping this class a good idea, if I drop I will get a "W" after is this bad. Please tell me if I have psy100 problems will I have these sorts of problems with any Nusing classes?:stone
  6. by   bergren
    I think the 80 on the third test is a good sign. Go to the professor. Ask for help, extra credit etc. Go to the university help center. You have identified part of the problem. You might benefit from some "training" on how to find the BEST answer on multiple choice tests. You probably have a few more weeks to go before having to take the W. Do all you can to salvage this one. If your grades rise, ask if that will be taken into consideration.

    I agree with the previous post. You are not sunk yet. Don;t give up - come here to vent and get support!!!
  7. by   Cs Jinx
    Thx guys u dont know how good it feels to get some suggestion and hope from u guys, I try turning to family and friends and it's like they dont want to hear it. They always answer me with the oh my, or the what u going to do!! and ya dont know how much I hate that :zzzzz ...thx so much.. Im thinking about talking to the prof... but the only thing is that as soon as he gave me my last grade he told me I should drop so I dont think he would be much help!
  8. by   Brownms46
    Cs Jinx, I still say don't give up! Go to him and talk. Maybe he thinks you don't care...or it seems to me, nothing could be further from the truth. If you have to take it it. But don't give up...hang in there! Give it the best shot you can, and then move on. But you have paid for this course and deserve every assistance you can get. Hang in there, and believe in yourself!
  9. by   Cs Jinx
    I've tired talking to him, he just looks at me as if I'm stupid... I hate talking to someone who looks at me in that sort of way, I'm trying to explain to him... and all he does is just nods his head up and down....
  10. by   lucianne
    Is there another instructor for this course? Can you drop it and take it from someone else? Does your school offer workshops in studying strategies? Have you ever been tested for a learning disability? If you have one, you will be eligible for certain accomodations such as longer time allowed for test-taking. If you are reading the chapters 5 or 6 times and don't have it practically memorized, you might have a problem processing what you read. Have you tried typing up notes to study from or reading the chapters out loud into a tape recorder and listening to them? People learn different ways. Some are auditory learners, some learn from reading, and some have to learn by doing. For the "learn by doing" group, writing notes or typing them up can help them learn written material.

    You need to find out what your school's policy is on withdrawing from classes and how this will affect your GPA and then decide what will do the most damage. If you get a bad grade and retake the class, will the new grade replace the old one or will it be averaged in? If it replaces the previous grade, it might be a good idea to finish the class and then retake it for a better grade--that way you'll be exposed to the material twice.

    good luck
  11. by   c.wicks
    The following site includes several, test-taking strategies which are useful when solving multiple choice test questions.
  12. by   Cs Jinx
    thx for the url! luci no I dont have any learning disabilities, matter of fact I found out that 80% of the class was doing just the same and even worse!
  13. by   bergren
    "I found out that 80% of the class was doing just the same and even worse!"

    Is he a new instructor? He cannot flunk everyone! Keep your head up and get this one behind you.
  14. by   chae
    Hi Jinx I am new to the field of nursing but I finished my Psy & Sos 101 in december and passed with a B+. AAt first it seemed I would never understand it but every thing cleaared up when I had to write a paper on the history, I was finally able to under stand what those old guys were saying. So take some time and read for interest rather than information. Try study groups since there are others who find the class difficult. Hog tie the person that isn't having any problems to a library chair and force him/her to spill all the secrets of their success. Just kidding about the tied up bit, but find the person that is sailing thru the class and find out what they know, use him/her to your advantage. God bless and good luck!!!!

    P.S. I am a student TCN = LPN