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Hey guys..I am feeling so depressed, my goal is to become a PNP... Im in college now taking my prereq to get into the nursing program and one of them is Psy 100.... and im not doing to good in that... Read More

  1. by   passing thru
    Do you study psy 5 hours for each hour you are in class? You need to to make a A or B. Maybe you aren't retaining what you read.
    Do you highlite & make notes in your text??
    There is no reason to read THE WHOLE THING five times ! By the second read you should be reading only highlited material.
    Do you know the difference in psychoses and neuroses? Can you list which diagnoses go in the psychoses column and which ones go in the neuroses column?
    That helps, for starters. Psych is primarily knowing what something isn't. More than knowing what something IS.
    Docs actually discuss the patients' symptoms and behaviors and discuss what all he ISN'T.
    Good luck.
  2. by   forget it!
    I am an LPN for eight years now. I had a difficult time with Psych too. Now I am in college to get my Associate Degree in Nursing and will be taking Psych this fall, hoping it will not be as difficult this time around. I think you need to figure out how you retain information best. That is what has worked me. I find I have a difficult time retaining some information so I highlight important things and I make index cards with questions on one side and the answer on the other. I heard once the more times you put info in your brain and have to retrieve it the easier it becomes to remember it. It really works for me, maybe you should give it a try. I have just realized that I learn best this way recently since I have gone back to school, just finished my first semester and getting ready to start the summer session. I would like to be a pediatric nurse practioner or just specialize in pediatric nursing. I have been working for a private duty company for the past year and my latest case is a pediatric case and I love it!!!!!!! Hang in there!!! Where there is will there is a way, you just have to find it!!!!!
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