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Hi! I'm a future nursing student starting a BSN program this Fall (yeah)! My daughter (21 months) has been running fever now (intermittant, as I think it goes down while she's sleeping) for 12... Read More

  1. by   Atlnurstudt

    Just wanted to say thanks for the links and advice. I'm going to see ID hopefully next week. Just seems so crazy for this to have gone on for so long. I'm starting to think she's just a hot kid!?! With no other signs or symptoms it's hard to know what to think. Half the time I'm worried she has cancer or something horrible, and the other half I think it must just be normal for her.


  2. by   Atlnurstudt
    We went to see ID this week and doc seems to think it can be normal for her. It is supposedly within the range of normal. Another possibility is chronic inflamation in her lungs due to reactive airway disease. So we're going to try putting her back on Flovent (we only went off a few weeks ago though). I have been hearing little wheezes here and there after she's been running around so I think that's probably a good idea anyway. Good news is I don't have to take her temp anymore!!!

  3. by   Atlnurstudt
    Well now her fevers are the least of my worries. On July 4th she aspirated a piece of apple into her right broncus. Same thing happened less than a year ago with a piece of chicken. She's now had 2 emergency bronchoscopys in 10 months. Her heart defect was the culprit in the first aspiration and now it appears (from her barium swallow) that she has some scar tissue that has reformed her heart defect, a double aortic arch, (reforming the ring encircling her esophagus and trachea). We will be getting a cardiac MRI soon and then most likely have surgery again asap. Poor thing is back on a puree diet and my husband and I are again terrified of the next occurance (she aspirated a goldfish cracker just 2 weeks after the chicken, before the defect was diagnosed, the hemlich(sp?) manuver got that out).

    (sorry for spelling errors, I'm too tired to spell check)

  4. by   Mimi2RN
    Blessings to you too, Carrie.

    You are certainly having unusual problems with your baby. Hope all goes well with her MRI, and I that the surgery is not a "do over". Keep us posted!