peds med/surg or heme/onc for a new grad?

  1. I'm a student graduating in May, and I've been offered new grad positions on an acute care peds med/surg floor and a peds heme/onc floor.

    I'm really interested in heme/onc, but i'm not sure if it'd be better for me to start out on a more general unit and gain some experience before moving on to heme/onc. It's not a matter of confidence-the orientation program at this hospital is great and I'll be well-taught wherever I go-but I'm just wondering what other people have done.

    with peds, is it better to start out more general and then specialize? Or should I jump straight into heme/onc if I'm interested?

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  3. by   augigi
    If you have a good orientation program at both, it doesn't matter. Choose the one which interests you more.
  4. by   charlabsn06
    I say go for what you are passionate about. I just graduated in December and I was offered a new grad position in the NICU at a local medical center, the only one offering the Versant program in my area, and I had similar reservations. What if I wanted to change specialty at some point? Do I need the standard two years med/surg background to succeed? Ultimately, I had to go with my passion, which is where I also did my senior preceptorship, and that is why I accepted the position. Follow your heart! Good Luck!