peds med i have trouble remember how to calulate

  1. I have trouble remember how to calulate ped drugs. If a 4000g infant needs Narcan due to the mother receiving Demerol. Narcan comes 0.1mg/kg. what dosage would i give the infant.
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    narcan dose is 0.1mg/kg, it can come it a variety of concentrations so i would memorize the dose then worry about how many cc's. where i work, we have both 2mg/cc amps and 0.4mg/cc vials. like the other poster stated, 1000gms=1kg. shortcut to convert gms to kg is simply to move the decimal 3 places to the left. so 4000gms=4kg...0.1mg/kg x 4kg= 0.4mg

    i'm not a l&d nurse or nicu, but i think some places use a smaller dose than the standard for opiod overdose reversal. i think it is something like 0.01mg/kg. probably to prevent the effects of withdrawal, but still protect the resp status of the newborn. hopefully someone will correct me if i am misunderstanding the newborn dosage.
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    Sounds like a test question for someone hahaha