Peds CNA...advice?

  1. I passed my CNA class in August, and I FINALLY was called in for an interview after applying to about 500 jobs (hospital only, I don't want to work in LTC). I got the call yesterday that I got the job! It is at our Children's hospital, on the infant floor (newborn to 18/20 months). They get the whole gamut of things except for cardiology, since the floors are grouped by age, rather than the problem.

    Can anyone offer me any advice on what to expect? I have extensive experience working with infants in childcare, but no experience working with sick infants other than my own son, since they weren't allowed in daycare when they were sick. Is there anything I should worry about? Is there anything that I should keep in mind?

    I need to get a new stethoscope since I have an adult one from my CNA class, and I can't hear out of it properly. Should I get an infant one? Would it work well enough on an 18-20 month old? Allheart has a cheap one that comes with peds/infant exchangable heads. Do you think that would work until I can afford to get a Littmann one, probably when I get my first check? I used a disposable one during my clinicals, and I could hear everything out of it, so I'm not worried about it not working.

    I start on November 5th, and have 4-5 weeks of orientation/training. My job is the night shift, 7pm-7:30am, but the first 2-3 weeks of my training will be during the day.

    I'm SO excited!! I can't wait!
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  3. by   ShyGecko
    No one??

    Can someone at least tell me if a newborn stethoscope will work on an 18-20 month old?? I don't want to buy one if it won't.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I'd choose a pediatric bell/diaphragm combo rather than an infant one. The head on the infant one is only about the size of a quarter while the peds one is about the size of a silver dollar. I have both adult and pediatric heads for my stethoscope, and I work with kids from 2kg all the way to 100kg. My $.02.
  5. by   Annony RN
    go for the peds scope. ADC makes a great one. There are some cheaper ones, too. Or you can use the peds accessories to a sprague but they're heavy.

    Did you learn much about peds in class? My CNA course taught us nothing. You'll be weighing diapers for I&O. I recommend you look at the formula websites and get a feel for why some babies get Nutramagin or Pregestimil vs regular formula. Babies get tiny amounts of oxygen. Sometimes with a nasal canula or mask sometimes with "blow by" We prop the O2 near them to enrich their air. The huge thing- remember how baby V/S differ from adults! Know your unit's policy about how to take V/S... when you can use an axillary vs rectal vs tympanic or temporal temps, how often, etc