Pediatrics - Asthma and Huka smoking

  1. Is there a test to see if someone is smoking Huka (flavored tobacco)? I have an Asthmatic child that I suspects she might be smoking this flavored tobacco? Thanks a concerned mom-nurse.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Not something we can comment on but I would suggest talking with her pediatrician.

    Chronically ill teens are a tough breed sometimes.
  4. by   DChase
    Okay, and thank you. I already spoke to her pediatrician.
    Thanks again.
  5. by   futurenurse913
    I am a high school student so I do not know a lot about nursing, but I know a lot about hookah. It is a flavored tobbacco and this makes it seem safe, but it's not. While not as bad as cigarette smoking, it is still damaging to your health, and probably even more so if your daughter has asthma. Then again, I am not a nurse. I recommend also talking to your daughter, because while she might be angry with you, it is important that she gets the right information about this seemingly harmless thing. As teenagers we sometimes get wrong information from our friends and I am sure she will eventually respect your opinion and help. Take care!
  6. by   DChase
    Thank you, I'll definitely talk with her. I do know my talking with my pediatrician and researching hookah that is more harmful than smoking cigarette for there is no filter. Again, thanks for your input and good luck in nursing school.