Pedi Home Health- My time with Joseph - page 3

I had been working with medically fragile kids for over 10 years and while all of my patients were special to me, this one was different. I had been hearing about this "walkie-talkie" five-year-old... Read More

  1. by   ARDS
    Wow. It's stories like this one that deserve to be told. THAT NEED TO BE TOPD? I know that God has a special place in Heaven For people like you. People who give their love and their heart to these families. People like you who truly do make this world a much better and a much safer place to live in. You had a short time with him but I know that he was truly thankful to have you as his nurse. This story is something I will never forget NEVER!!
  2. by   MemoryRevenge
    Thank you for sharing.