New job in Pediatric Dr. office.

  1. Hi there.

    I am a brand new LPN. I got a job at a very busy pediatric doctors office where my job at this point is pretty much a medical assistant position. The doctor hired me saying that she has always preferred working with nurses, and looks forward to my abilities. But I was thrown into this position quickly and am having trouble keeping up, let alone trying to conjure up what I learned in LPN school.

    I schedule appts, room patients, weigh, measure, vitals, growth charts, immunizations, pku's, urine sticks, lab sheets, phone triage, lots of filing (when there's time, and there is NEVER time). There are probably a million other things, but I've only been on the job 1 week. My second day was baptism by fire because one of the other medical assistants had to leave for emergency medical reasons. I've been trying to pull the weight of a seasoned MA but, alas, to no avail.

    My coworkers (including the doctor who I am working for) say I'm doing fine, but I feel that I'm making too many mistakes due to being in a constant frenzy. I want to settle down and show them how good I really am.

    Advice welcome, and wanted.....

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  3. by   blueberrybon
    Update for anyone interested:

    My biggest mistake so far: I gave two adorable kids (9 years and 11 years) pediatric doses of the flu vaccine. Their mom is the type who is hesitant with vaccines in the first place, but due to the news of late, decided to err on the safe side. They left the office and a couple hours later, when I was checking to see if I remembered to have a parent sign for the immunizations, I realized my error. I had to call them back in to give them another 0.25 for correct coverage. What almost made me cry was the fact the the absolutely adorable 9 year old girl gave me a big hug after the second shot! What a sweet thing. The parents were fine with the mistake. I am so thankful for nice people. The whole thing could have been ugly if it had been another type of personality, you know... like the patient who is very upset when they have to wait for the doctor for more than 5 minutes.

    I guess life just goes on...

    Things are settling down, I'm starting to get comfortable.

    My biggest worry is that I might have made a mistake taking this job. I worry that having this job will hinder my ability to take an actual LPN position elsewhere in the future because I'm not using my LPN skills.

  4. by   avalancheohio
    We had 3 different types of flu vax this year. I have 25 years experience, my Dr. 17 years in and we were both dazed and confused with the flu vax this year. Next year, we need a new plan!!! Prioratize, take care of the patients in your office first (they're paying your salary that day), slow down and take a deep breath. It gets better. I love working in my crazy peds/AI's office. I have fun every day!
  5. by   blueberrybon
    Fun day everyday, gotcha...

    Here I go...

    congrats blu !!! yeah working in a peds doctors office is very challenging, i know you will do fine another month and you will already have a ton of experience. :spin: