New clinical instructor need advice

  1. Hi experts! I am a new ob/peds clinical instructor with experience in the field. I am looking for advise, teaching resources and/or info to make this clinical a great experience for my students. Please share any info you can. :spin:
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  3. by   nurserynurse55
    Hello. My best advise would be to teach them rather than weaning them out. The nurse educator(s) of OB and peds might have some great teaching tools and handouts for you to use. Try to spend as much time as possible in L and D rather than postpartum. Ob and peds where different clinicals at my school. My instructor insisted that we spend forever in postpartum, as a result, by the time we got to L + D , we got to see very, very few births. See if the students can spend any time in NICU, PICU, OB triage or the peds part of the ER (if there is one). I think that these things will excite the students and make them really want to go to clinicals. Good Luck!!!