Moving to Western KS

  1. I just found out that I am moving to western Kansas. I do not know the area and have no clue if there are any peds hospitals (which I doubt) but are there even any ped units? Does anyone know if there is any chance of me getting a job in pediatrics?

    Help me!!!! I'm going to the middle of oz and losing my dream of being a peds nurse, and mind along the way.....
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  3. by   IRISHBREAD
    we were just in western kansas this may. there did seem to be quite a few hospitals. it may be a good idea to contact kansas state or university of kansas to see if they have any satillite clinics etc. in the western portion of the state. my son is going to kansas state and both universities are in the eastern portion of the state. also you may want to contact the society of pediatric nurses they may have some ideas for you. i was just at their yearly conference in kansas city and there were a lot of nurses from oklahoma and kansas there. one nurse was running a clinic in a rural section of (i think) either kansas or oklahoma.
    lots of luck. the people out there are very friendly and helpful.
  4. by   Shamrock
    Western Kansas is not in the middle of Oz, is in the west.
    I cannot think of any strictly peds. hospitals with the exception
    of Kansas City, Ks, BUT, contrary to popular belief, there are
    large and small hostpitals out west that have peds. departments.
    And the bonus is they are NOT run by cowboys or indians. What town will you be in?