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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new here. I'll be in 12th grade next year and have made up my mind to become a nurse, when the time comes.
    I really want to be in Peds because it just feels right. Kids seem drawn to me, I guess because I'm a just a big kid myself. Like at a family reunion: I won't be inside with the other people my age, oh no. I'll be out in the yard, playing with water guns. I'll run and scream and sing like an idiot if there's a kid around me. One time my little four year old cousin scraped her knee pretty bad. She was scared of the blood but I told her not to worry and held her for a few minutes. I told her I had to put some alcohol on it. She was worried it would hurt, but I promised it would be okay. When I was finished she was still crying. I turned on the radio and started to dance. She looked at me with tears in her eyes like "what is she doing?" lololol. She said she could dance better. I was like "sure sister, I'll believe it when I see it" then her looked face looked like it got a shot of determination or something. She got up and started to dance. Eventually her mother came home and we were still dancing. lolol I don't know why I wrote that but, that just kinda shows how I get along with kids. I have 2 Qs
    #1-Do I sound like I'd be good in Peds?
    #2-Do you have to declare your speciality (med-surg, MICU) in college?
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    You sound like you'd be a great peds nurse to me. And no, you don't have to decide on a speciality until after you graduate.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   eb_rn
    you sound like u would b good with kids, did u have younger siblings?
  5. by   NicuNsg
    Layla, yes I think you would be great as well!!!! Diversion is the key girlfriend, and you already have that down!
    I am a recent grad, you do not "declare" a major of practice unless you go on for your Nurse Pract. or clinician (MSN) that's when you specialize. You can also get certified on the job in your particular field. Like, CPRN (certified pediatric reg. nurse). When you are going into your last semester of college apply for the Peds unit, or whatever. Remember the early bird gets the worm and it shows that you are serious and motivated! Another BIG piece of advice I can give you is if you really have a passion for peds, do not let anyone detour you! Stick to your guns!!! I went into nursing school saying I wanted to be a NICU nurse (nothing else), I applied out of town for a position in Dec., grad in May and they held it for me. I took the initiative and thank god it paid off! I love children and I love working with families! Sounds to me like children and family are things you value as well!!! Good luck and I must say it is great to hear HS student showing such a strong interest in the profession!!!!! Keep up the good work! :angel2
  6. by   Chaya
    Sounds like you've got the instincts, the caring, the logic, and you don't lose it in a crisis. Just add the technical knowledge and there'll be no stopping you!