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  1. I am majoring in pediatric nursing and need help on the criteria on how to get a degree in pediatric nursing. I fIgure that i get my main course classes done and then enroll in my schools nursing program to get my RN and then transfer into a medical school to major in pediatrics. If anyone know if this is right let me know that im on the right track or if im not them PLEASE HELP ME...
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    There's no such college major as "pediatric nursing." The name of the major is "nursing," and it is so versatile that it will get you into virtually any specialty, including pediatrics.

    You have two choices that will lead you to a career as a pediatric nurse. You can (1) earn an associate degree in nursing at a local community college, and then apply at local hospitals or home health agencies for positions in pediatrics. You can also (2) earn a bachelor's degree in nursing at a local university, and apply for pediatric positions afterwards.