Floating to Peds ER--help me w the basics PLEASE!

  1. Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to see if some of you peds nurses can just help me out. I have been a lvl 3 NICU nurse for 7 years now and I am deciding to float to the peds ER to just get a little different experience. I have my peds knowledge from school but other than that, I feel like I dont know anything.
    What I am asking for is just the basics. I need a list of meds you usually give and diagnoses you see. My brain is just NICU now and I just need a change. I will probably work like once every 2 weeks there but I want to feel comfortable. Also, any online sources I should look up that might help? Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   MomtoThree

    We see everything -- everything. Remember that kids go down much faster in the ER than most nurses realize. They can be smiling and happy eating a popsicle one second and the next they can be struggling to breathe. Here are some things that I have learned....

    1: Always trust your instincts... If they look fine but you feel like somethings wrong, go with that feeling.

    2: Keep a list of normal vitals by age, because we will see all ages!

    3: When in doubt, ask another nurse. I love and hate nurses that float. Love because they are new and they see so many things that the worn out seasoned nurses dont pay attention to but hate because they are too intimidated to ask. We dont bite. Ask.

    4: If a parent is legitimately worried, you should too. They always know when something's wrong.

    I think its great that you are floating! Its a wonderful place to work, crazy sometimes, but wonderful! Keep your eyes and ears open and remain calm. You know everything you need to know from nursing school.... ABCs are the priority.

    Enjoy! Most nurses that go to ER dont go back.

  4. by   a4n6nurse
    Childrens National Medical Center has developed a smart phone, tablet APP that is FREE for both apple and android markets. It is called "Pediatric Quick Reference." It is a great reference of commonly prescribed meds, equipment and vitals based on pt's weight. Sometimes having a reference in your pocket gives you that extra confidence, and with peds it's always good to double check!
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