Call all Pediatric OR nurses

  1. Hello ladies....gents,

    I need some advice from you all. I have been a antepartum and mother/baby nurse for 3 1/2 years. My strong point is the newborn nursery where i start IV's administer IV meds and the list goes on. I'm bored and want to experience a different kind of nursing....i'm thinking pediatric OR. Do you think I can handle it or should I do peds floor nursing first?
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  3. by   antiqueblue2
    I work on peds, we and ob & nsy. are a unit & get pulled when needed. But only nsy. nurses can charge on peds, not ob because it is more alike. The nsy. nurses seem to be comfotable when pulled. I used to work in nsy. a lot & am now on peds & love it. Think they are a lot alike.
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