1. Im a childrens nurse working at the emergency department at the Childrens Hospital. We need some better organisation with guidelines for triage and caring at the department. Books on these subject is none excisting in Sweden so Im going to order from UK or US.
    I would very much like to get some advice on what is good and what isnt.
    The titles ive come across is "Pediatric Triage Guidelines" by Kathleen A Murphy, "Manual of Pediatric Emergency Nursing" by Soud and Rogers and Manual of Pediatric Emergency Nursing
    by Treesa Etheredge Soud, Janice Steiner Rogers.
    I would be most greatful for comments on these books and suggestions on other books.

    Thanks a million!!

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    i have no i'm bumping you up..
    sorry i'm no help.
  4. by   Mattigan
    The Emergency Nurse Association has the easiest to use and most concise triage tricks on Peds patients. They have a certification course called Emergency Nurseing Pediatric Course but the textbook maybe available without coming to the US and taking the course.
    Contact: Emergency Nurses Association
    Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-5736
    Telephone- 708/698-9400

    Fax- 708/698-9406

    They also have triage guidelines.
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