Anyone Work Pediatrics?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am choosing to post the same question in several different places to obtain different opinions regarding the same subject. I'm not collecting information for a paper. I'm finished doing that, well for a while, anyway.

    I am trying to learn a little bit more about pediatrics. The remainder of the post should clarify.

    I have a neighbor whose child is a type 1 diabetic, with adhd, and some "mood disorders?" I think, the child probably has the Type1 DM and the ADHD but the later probably results from the frustration and emotional challenges of a child dealing with the first 2.

    Okay, that said, Has anyone dealt with kids that have both Type 1 DM and ADHD. If so, are there any books out that mom could get her hands on to read. I mean, helpful well written easy to understand books that provide good ideas for dealing with this situation.

    Are you seeing alot of this in the hospital? I mean the dual diagnosis thing. How do you handle these situations in the hospital? What do your child-life specialists, usually recommend for you to do as nurses to help manage these kids? Any ideas would probably be useful for managing the little guys/girls at home as well.

    I work Med-Surg, and am not exposed to the appropriate interventions needed to manage this combination. I mean, I understand the medication part, but, that is a medical realm. I am wondering about the nursing intervention side of caring for these kids.

    I suppose suggestions for good pediatric nursing intervention books would be helpful also.
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    Moved your post to the Pediatric Nursing Forum so that you might get some good recommendations for reading.