Allergy Diet

  1. hi all, anybody ever heard of an allergy diet. i'm not talking about brat diet, as he can't tolerate bread. i know that the first thing is rice, and then one adds on from there. adds what.

    here's the problem. my 17 year old son has been having nausea, and gagging for the last two months. md put him on nexium which helped somewhat. now for the last two days he can't keep anything down. no, i take that back, i put him on clears yesterday, and that is fine. had 1/2 cup plain rice last night, and no problem. plain piece of bread this am, went to school, went to br, threw up....

    we have been back and forth to the md 4 times in the last two months. have a call into the nurse right now to renew the rx for the nexium, and also tell her about the vomiting, and some pain after eating....right lower quadrant.......any ideas.....

    please help me if you have any ideas or suggestions. he is losing weight, and he is getting depressed about having to stay home. i'm an r.n. and i can't help my own me....
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  3. by   bergren
    Get this kid to a specialist STAT. If he is too sick to go to school he should be at a GI or metabolic specialist.
  4. by   cokie
    just an update. went to the gi guy today....tests to follow. more at med-surg nursing under "help with nauseated teen".........
  5. by   bergren
    Keep us informed!