Advice: I love children but how do I know if peds is for me?

  1. :spin: I everyone I'm new to the site and new to nursing I am going to start my 4th nursing class on Wednesday. I have not gotten into the adult care so far and I am looking forward to my ob & peds quarters. I am any only child but I love children I think they are just awesome. I would like some feedback on how all of you knew that pediatrics was where you wanted to be. If you would be so kind to share some experiences that let you know this is where you belonged. Thank you. :spin:
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  3. by   Shell5
    i'm 38. Never thought I would like Peds. I happen to work on med surg where on another hall there a peds and I get pulled over there ever once in a while. I have never even had kidos before. I have found it to be exciting, new and a new endeavor. If you like kids, more than likely you'll like peds.
  4. by   peds77
    obviously liking kids is a requirement for being a peds nurse...however remember you must be witness to children going through some crazy stuff....whenever I tell people i work in peds they always say OH I could never watch those babies and children suffer.....and its trus ut can be heart wrenching at times but very special too.....don't let anyone tell you that the key is not to get attached to your patuents bc in peds especially in long term pts like hem onc its impossible not to fall in love with them and their families...the only wat to know it try it'll know right away if its for you its an instant love or hate...if you don't like it right away you will not learn to like it...good luck
  5. by   P.W2004
    About me ,,, it wasn't my choice as after internship, randomally they have kept me in P.W. At the begining, I was angry as i don't like. Then, my nursing toutor advised me to stay for 6 months and to decide after this period and to forget that i don't like children. Finally, I felt that i have to stay forever in Peadiatric ward.
  6. by   blueberrybon
    I'm not positive that I will be in peds forever. But for now I want to learn and get good at what I do. I've only been at this peds dr. office for a week.

    Today I observed my first circumcision so that I can assist when needed. While observing the procedure it hit me; if I stay here, I will most likely watch this little guy grow up. I will see him when sick, when needing physicals, when this, and when that. I will get to know him, and he and his family will get to know me. I have to suppose that that is what will keep me in peds... that really appeals to me.

    Good luck to you in whatever you decide to go in to.

  7. by   rierie
    First what you need to ask yourself is.... can I deal with parents???
    I have been working in Ped's for only a month and I cannot understand some of the things parents do. Can you understand physical abuse, sexual abuse or just plain ignorant parents? I just wish it was a requirement to pass a entry level exam before being allowed to become a parent. I do not yet have children because I know I am too selfish, I require sleep and I just couldn't handle it right now. Some women and men just don't have the luxury of having decision making skills or common sense. I do understand that accidents in home or at school do occur and most parents do have their best interest in mind for their child, but lately I have become very bitter. Medicaid in Texas is grossly overused and abused. I had a mom bring in a 16 year old for a paper cut!!! I am for real and totally serious. You couldn't even see the cut. There was no blood to speak of. I work in an after hours Urgent Care Center and I had a Mom bring in her daughter for "acne problems." ...I mean if that doesn't make you want to scream! I'm sure that both those girls have a cold or the flu this week because they were sitting in the waiting area. While I have a 1 month old in the waiting area with RSV. So many flu+ and strep+ this week. I thought that the staffing ratio was something to be proud of, but now I understand that half of the time spent with a patient is taken up by educating and reeducating. Children are also very mysterious about telling you about their chief complaint. You have to be very deligent and good about listening to your gut instinct. That being said....
    It all makes up for itself with an unexpected hug from a child or a parent that appreciates the time you took for them when you are genuinely concerned for that child's welfare.
    I wish you all the best.
  8. by   peds77
    I agree 100% I've been working with kids for 10 yrs and its very rarely the children that make ur job hard its always the parents....the either love u or hate you and its usually not personal but its so hard not to let it get to you...I've held a parents hand as she witnessed her child take his last breath...and i've had moms and dads say thank you for giving their babies medicine even though they puked it up bc their so nausea from chemo..but if also had a parent tell me I was pathetic bc I didn't get his 13yo daughters IV in on the first stick I've also been witness to horrific child abuse cases where I've wanted to jump across the nurses station and strangle a parent...but this is what sets us peds nurses apart from others and thats why we're special