Adjustement for a medication time

  1. I 'd like to know if there is any policy regarding the adjustement of a medication time for a pediatric patient. for example my patient will start on "X" medication Q 6hours the timing policy of my institution is 1am 1pm 7am 7pm. the dose was prescribed at 3pm so i started the dose at 3pm how should i adjust the timing of this medication to coincide with my hospital policy?. are there any guidelines related to this issue that can be of further help to me.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   augigi
    Well, you can give it early or late if you have to put it on the same schedule, although I'm not sure why you have to have mandated times for meds. Surely you just give them 6/24 as ordered?
  4. by   grace_device
    We have a chart from our pharmacy... you choose the time of your stat/now/first dose, the frequency (q6, q8, q12), and it will give you the times for the next two doses to get back on schedule by the 3rd dose. If my patients don't have many meds ordered, it's nice to be able to keep them on the same schedule so you can give all your meds at once, especially if you have to wake them up to give some. Your pharmacy might have something similar.