Pediatric new grad positions


Does anyone know of any hospitals that have pedi new grad programs? I am graduating this May and I would really like to get a job in pediatrics right out of college.

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I do not know of any specific residencies but I do know that areas like peds is very competitive as there are many who want to work with children.

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Almost all children's hospitals have new grad program. I do not know of any who do not. Just do a web search for children's hospitals and start narrowing the field from there. The positions are usually very difficult to get as there is a lot of competition for them, but they do exist.

Note that hospitals will use different terminology for such positions. Some will call the "internships." Others will call them "residencies." Others may call them "new grad programs." etc. Some won't use any special term for it: they will simply say that they have indivualized orientation programs and that they hire new grads.

Figure out which (if any) children's hospitals would be a good match for you geographically -- and then contact them directly for details on how new grads are oriented.