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Where do you pediatric and neonatal nurses get your CEU's? I'm looking for online sites with ped/neo-relevant CEU courses and so far I'm looking at emedicine and not coming up with a whole lot more!

They don't have to be free, necessarily (though free is good), but I am specifically looking for topics relevant to pediatric and neonatal nursing.

I've seen some of the free CEU sites listed here, but they are all targeted towards the adult population.

Any suggestions?


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Have you considered joining the Academy of Neonatal Nursing? Your membership fee includes a subscription to Neonatal Network, which has CEU offerings on a regular basis, and as an ANN member, you can earn 15 free CEUs per year.

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Yes, I'm a member already. :D Thanks, though!



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Are you familiar with Contemporary Forums?

They offer seminars as well as have self-study CD-ROMs.

Topics include:

Pediatric Critical Care Nursing

Pediatric Inpatient Nursing

Pediatric Outpatient Nursing

Neonatal Nursing

Neonatal Pharmacology

Neonatal Developemental Nursing

Obstetric Nursing

Contraceptive Technology

Psychiatric Nursing

Telehealth Nursing

Alternative Medicine

I'm enjoying the Neonatal Nursing CD-ROM right now. There are 12 "classes" on the CD-ROM including:

1. Oliguria to Polyuria: The Spectrum of Renal Failure and Fluid and Electrolyte Balance in the Critically-Ill Neonate

2. Managing Emergencies in the Delivery Room

3. Pain: Understanding the Fifth Vital Sign

4. Effective Ventillator Strategies and Their Complications

5. Feeding the High-Risk Infant: Challenges, Controversies and Bedside Dilemmas

6. Nursing Care and Management of the Infant with NEC and Short Gut Syndrome

7. Congenital Anomalies and Syndromes: Unraveling the Puzzle

8. Ethical Dilemmas in the NICU

9. Apnea of Prematurity: Physiology and Management

10. Neonatal Resuscitation: New Guidelines and Remaining Controversies

11. Skin Care: Critical Factors in Caring for Preterm Infants

12. Non-Surgical Correction of Congenital heart Disease in Neonates

Here is a link to their website if you're interested:

Contemporary Forums Self Study

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