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Pediatric Cardiovascular acute unit


I have an interview with a Pediatric cardiovascular acute unit. I was looking for some perspective from RNs who work in this specialty, what do your day to day roles and responsibilities look like?

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I didn't directly work acute CV as an RN, but I did some work in the CVICU as a NP student. I did my final residency there. It's a very specialized area, but the role of the pediatric CV RN is the same as in any other acute care unit. Close monitoring of vital signs, assessment of lines, medication administration, patient assessment, notifying the NP/MD with condition changes, etc. If you're referring to a CVICU then you'll see all of the above along with invasive forms of hemodynamic monitoring that you will not see on a routine floor. The only difference is that these nurses must have a better than average understanding of cardiopulmonary disease process and functioning in order to recognize early patient changes and to understand the mechanism of action behind interventions given. The most important thing is to have a willingness to learn because CV can be a complicated area.

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Hey! I used to work on an acute care peds cardiac floor, currently in peds cardiac ICU. On the floor it was almost exclusively post op cardiac surgeries or cardiac catheterizations, working up on feeds, weaning respiratory support (HFNC/o2 cannula), occasional VADs, heart failure on a cardiac drip called milrinone to help reduce the workload of the heart while waiting for heart transplant, and kiddos who just got transplanted or are transplanted and rejecting. You usually have anywhere between 2-4 kiddos, lots of oral medications, they’re usually NG/NJ tube fed, working on pain management, especially for the fresher post-ops. Can have super sick kids especially pre/post transplant who are on a lot of drips, need a lot of monitoring. Personally, I loved being on my floor. I learned SO much! Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂