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I am a new BSN and have a background in Psych (MA, etc..) ... I want to work exclusively with Peds Psych not adults but every hospital I have worked in has a combo of all. Are there many Peds psych facilities?

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What part of the country do you live? Are you willing to relocate?

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Yes. I live in St. Louis. I was a Psych Tech for 4 years and a CNA on a CICU. I was a Social Worker with mentally ill chilidren for almost 10 years. I have a BS and MA in Psych and have a BSN.

What area are you talking about relocating to?

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The following is a list of the Pediatric Hospitals. I would begin looking at the list for Children's Hospitals with inpatient psych. units or you can look for stand-alone pediatric psych. facilities. I know one from that list is Bradley Hospital in RI which is a stand-alone pedi. psych. facility. You could also look for a list of Psych. facilities and see if they have pediatric or adolescent units to which you could consider applying. Good luck!

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Did you include a list? You said the following is a list ... but I did not see a link? Thanks.

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There are a lot of facilities that have peds-only units that you could apply to. Not a lot of people want peds psych (heaven knows I can't hack it!) so you should be able to find something.

I personally haven't heard of many peds psych hospitals though...that's not to say they can't be out there! But most of them are either peds psych in a peds hospital, or a peds unit in a psych hospital.

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Oops sorry... Here are the links

Psychiatric Hospitals and Medical Centers

Children's [Childrens] (Pediatric) Hospitals & Medical Centers

I would look through both directories and come up with a list of Pediatric hospitals with Psych units for which you would like to apply and then Psych. hospitals with Pediatric units for which you would like to apply and then see if on the Psych. list there are any stand alone Pedi. Psych facilities. I did mention one facility that I am aware of in my last post but I didn't have the chance to review the whole list that I provided. Good luck!

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Very thoughtful and generous of you, thanks so much.

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