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Pearson trick is not 100% Accurate


I took the NCLEX for the second time 3 days ago and immediately after ran to the car to try the Pearson trick. The first time I took the NCLEX the Pearson trick told me that I had failed and it was right... so despite being over prepared, feeling

incredibly confident going in, and having passed all my practice tests with over an 85%; when the trick said I had failed again I was devastated and believed that it was accurate. Well after over 48 hours of feeling miserable my unofficial results have been made available on the Pearson website and I PASSED!!! The Pearson trick is not always accurate! Wait until you have confirmation from your licensing board or Pearson itself!

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The PVT never has been 100% accurate. Since you apparently have taken the NCLEX very recently, you should know that they have changed the way the PVT works. Everyone gets the credit card screen first and you have to actually attempt to pay for a new exam in order for the new PVT to work. I highly doubt that the underlying systems have changed. When you attempt to submit payment to Pearson Vue, the system checks for an exam result. If your most recent exam attempt is flagged as "pass" then your payment attempt is interrupted/intercepted and you will see the Good Popup text that we used to talk about. If that flag is not set/set to "fail" then your payment attempt will not be stopped and you'll end up paying $200 right then.

Here's the issue: Each exam is scored twice (we all know this). It likely takes about 24 hours (maybe less, maybe more) for that 2nd scoring to occur. That 2nd scoring is definitive and can "flip" results from one status to another, especially if you went many, many questions past the minimum. When that happens, you're close to the pass/fail line.

Most people have three options.

1) you can wait for official results

2) you can try the PVT and hope you waited long enough to get 100% accurate results... and you'd better have $200 available if you have failed - you're paying for a new attempt

3) Wait 48 hours and pay $8 for quick results (if your state participates in that program)

Since you said you tried the PVT twice, I hope you didn't end up actually paying $400... only to find out you passed.

I'll say it again: The old PVT does not work, the new PVT is different and is financially much riskier.

The trick changed like a month ago. Go search the message boards for the hundreds of posts that discuss this. Glad you passed. :)

Well it worked for me and I took boards on 9/9. Here in Tennessee I was able to see my license at about 2am on day 2. No need to pay.