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Pearls of Wisdom


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What "Pearls of Wisdom" could you offer a RN who is changing fields...I have cardiac experience and will start with Hospice later this month.

Thanks! :heartbeat

be very aware of your own feelings re death and dying.

this will be your foundation in providing nsg care.

best of luck to you.



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This can be difficult at first because you have been in the acute care mode and now are going to deal with end of life care. Remember that our patients elect to die comfortably and with peace and dignity. The families we serve are going through a difficult time and may act a little wierd at times, but we don't take things personally most of the time. Remember that you are a human being also and have feelings and needs that have to be met. Take care of yourself. The team I work with is a great team and we vent together and cry together and love each other which gives us the ability to continue to care for our patients. Welcome to Hospice and good luck.:heartbeat

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