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Peace Corps and Grad School Help (not sure where to post this)

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by KMS4 KMS4 (Member)

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i just graduated from a bsn program, have yet to take the boards though. i have so many ideas of what i'd like to do running through my head, but i have no clue yet! lol

anywho, i always wanted to do some work internationally, i'm interested in working with those with hiv/aids. i finally found something that i think will click with me. it's the master's international program at george mason university which is a program between george mason university and the peace corps and i can do one year of class at george mason, then i can work with the peace corps for two years. the program they offer is an advanced clinical nursing track.

my main question is: what exactly is an advanced clinical nurse????? it's not considered an np, correct? is it considered a cns?

i know i shouldn't go for a program that i have no clue what exactly it is lol, but i'm not planning on going now, so i thought you guys could help me with the research process. i hope i'm in the right forum. is there anyone who is an advanced clinical nurse that can explain what you do and what exactly you would be considered once you graduate?

where would i be able to work with this degree? i know it's considered a masters program.

has anyone else done this program or one similar to it??

i am hoping this is the right fit for me. i can do the internation work i've been wanting to do, hoepfully get to work with the population i'd like and end up with my masters.

thanks for any help and feel free to move this post to a thread that will most benefit me.

this is a link to the program: http://chhs.gmu.edu/nsg/msn-advancedclinical.html

thanks again!!!!


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