I'm starting to read where students and teachers alike are starting to use PDA's with drug, lab &care plans loaded. Can anyone tell me if they have experience, and how to go about getting one. Thanks


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I got mine while in Nursing school at a local Circuit City. I purchased the Tungsten E. I didn't need the camera, MP3 player etc. I strictly wanted it for school. I also got a 64mb card to save extra information on.

As for the software I go to http://www.pdacortex.com/for my software. I know epocrates has free software you can download but their full software programs are a little pricey. So far I have the Drug Guide, Labs, Diseases and a lot of free downloaded stuff that helps out.

You can also check out this forum http://discussion.brighthand.com/palmhandhelds/index.php?s= for more information on different brands, one you may like more than another and if you scroll the the bottom of the page there's a seperate section titled Medicine where you can get some information.

Here are some websites you may find helpful also. Good luck.






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Nursing Students and PDA's

This is what I recomend for student nurses. As you study a subject type what you find important as a text file then transfer that file to your PDA. Just the things you will need to know on the wards or jog your memory. You can also type your drug cards as text files and have them all on you PDA. You can also burn all the info to CD and/or a memory stick, or print it out. This give you YOUR book of perals and info YOU need.

I use a Palm and make heading in the memo app then file my files under the appropriate heading. CVS, Resp, Labs, Drugs, etc. Good luck in your studies


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