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I know posts asking what PDA to get are commom in this forum. But my question is a little different. I know what PALM would be best for me, or whick IPAQ from HP. I cant deside between both types in reference to the Operating System. Palm has their own OS and the IPAQ from HP runs Windows. I've operated one with windows OS in the past but never the PALM OS. Does anyone have experience with these operating systems, which one is best/ pros and cons etc?? HELP.



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I have an HP, which runs on Windows. I like it because I did not have to learn anohter OS. I typed papers on it at work on Pocket Word and then downloaded them to my PC. I took nursing informatics in NS and my teacher liked the Palm OS. She said it was easier to use than Windows, bit I don't know personally because I never used a Palm. In the beginning Palm had more medical and nursing software, however now most everything I have seen has either Palm or Pocket PC. I will say that it seems like PAlm has more freeware than Pocket PC. Either choice you make will be a good one as far as a PDA. I love mine! I have my schedule in it. I have epocrates(free), Davis's drug guide, a Pediatrics suite, 5 minute clinical consult, and RN notes on mine. I need a memory card so that I can add some more programs to mine.

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