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I just received a Sony Clie Color T615 with 16 mg. I plan to use this for my medsurg clinicals next semester, any suggestions for good software I should install on my new gadget? Also does anyone have experience downloading software form Skyscape or PDA Cortex? I also found a web site that sell all types of dictionaries including medical dictionaries. (Home Page)http://www.beiks.com/index.htm and (Dictionary Page)http://www.beiks.com/palmzonebg/Lexicons/Medical.htm The prices seemed good, and they let you demo the software for a couple of weeks or times. Any feedback on these companies is appreciated.

Note: I just install a test trail of RN LABS, RN Diagnosis, and 5MM Clinical from Skyscape. After that I only had about 2.5 meg of memory left. the 5mm Clinical is geared toward medical diagnosis and takes ups around 7.5 M of memory. I am thinking of ditching the 5MM and trying the Davis Drug Guide for Nurses.



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I have a Palm, and I have ePocrates loaded, and I love it!


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If you do a search for Palm or PDA you should get a HUGE list of threads discussing various programs. I downloaded PEPID-RN (it's massive) for a free trial and can see that it's got a lot of info but I won't be using it (obviously) until I get further in my schooling / career, lol. I also downloaded Pharmacology Recall and Medical Mnemonics which seem to be good so far. Of course, I haven't STARTED the course yet! :)


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Epocrates is a good one to have (I have it on mine), but after having 2 'Davis Drug Guides (for nurses)' stolen, I opted to purchase one for my palm -its ALWAYS in my pocket, and I can look up the drugs faster than my fellow students. The cost was the same as the book with cd. It contains all the same data (except the pictures of the pills, -but then I never used that anyway).

I also have an RN floor care plan, but can't recall where I got it from.


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For critical/emergergency nursing I have Checkmate available from NNCC incorporated

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