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I posted this in the nursing with disabilites forum also. Basically, my audiologisst suggested I get a PDA assisted stethoscope. It looks like VESED will pay for one. I thank everyone who directed me to VESED. I am a working LPN in school to be an RN. Does anyone have any input on these. I would like to try an electronic littman but my audiologist suggests a PDA assisted steth because of my hearing loss. I use an old electronic adscope right now. I can hear blood pressures but not much else. Thanks Colleen


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Alternative stethoscope options (PDA photo and tactile stethoscope photo courtesy of Cardionics, PDA/E-Scope II photo courtesy of Stethographics)

For individuals with a very profound hearing loss (or individuals who desire to supplement what they are hearing through a stethoscope), a visual display or a tactile stethoscope is an option: Stethographics visual display software on a PDA can be hooked up to a stethoscope with an output jack such as...

...the E-Scope II. The E-Scope II and the Stethographics software on a PDA can be purchased as a package from Cardionics

http://www.cardionics.com/stethoscopes/E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope - Clinical Model

Product: E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope (clinical model)

Cat. No.: 718-7700

Price: $335.00

Technical Support: Lifetime

Warranty: 1 year - parts and labor

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The E-Scope® Electronic Stethoscope provides the user with clear, amplified heart or breath sounds.

Cardionics currently has a tactile stethoscope under development. Once available, it will be sold through Becky Morris at Beyond Hearing Aids


I read your post on stethoscopes. I am going to school to be an RN too and I am deaf in one ear and having trouble hearing the sounds I need to hear. I cant hear the blood pressure sounds on everyone (especially if there is a lot of noise). I am going to buy the e-scope, but was reading something you wrote about Vesid. Do they assist with school if you have a hearing disablity and if you dont mind how can i find out about them. Thank you

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