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Hello, for the past 4 years i've been a multi system PCU nurse Aka progressive care unit. Ive accepted a job offer in the ED. I'm very excited but a little nervous. I know my hospital will train me and i will have to do simulations but i would really like to get a solid jump to the game and start preping for it now. I won't start working there until August. Could you guys recommend a book or anything to help me get ready for the ED. Thanks in advance.

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The big one everyone will say is Sheehy's Manual to Emergency Care which is the go-to book for the ENA and the CEN exam. There is also the Emergency Nursing Bible which is a great reference as it tells you what each protocol is for each diagnosis.

Sheehy's is a good resource, bur I found it hard to study from.

A good way to get your head in the game might be to pick up a CEN prep book, with rationales. Very little of it should be brand new to you, but it gives you an idea of what to bone up on, and what the thought process/priorities looks like in the ER.

And- Peds. Unless your ER has a dedicated peds section, you are now a pediatric nurse. I have had PTs in adjacent rooms with 100 years age difference between them. Peds should make you a bit nervous. If you can take ENPC, that is great. If not, get the book and prep as you would in order to take the class and get the most out of it. For me, that means hours of study.

Take PALS and ACLS. If not, get a hod of the books, and study till you get %100 on the pre test. I always redo the tests till I get %100.

Last but not least- Watch old re-runs of ER. This will prepare you for the fact that all of your co-workers are stunningly attractive, as are most of the PTs. all of the PTs will have legit emergencies, but don't worry, you and your dedicated team are up to it, if you can manage to find any not doing it in broom closets and supply rooms.

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