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I was wondering why some nurses choose to work in PCU. What made you choose this area of nursing? PCU and Tele the same? I'm researching different areas of nursing that I want to work in and my gut feeling draws me to this area of nursing. I am fascinated with the heart. I love the complexity of it. I do want to apply to this area of nursing but most hospitals want experience. 

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PCU is a little different from MS/Tele. PCU is another name for a "Step-down". You're basically taking patients that no longer need ICU level care but can't go to a MS/Tele floor. Usually with PCU you are required to be ACLS certified and some PCU's will take vents. You'll also push meds and manage drips that MS/Tele cannot take. I started out on a stepdown and loved it. Unfortunately I never got to work on a true step-down (3:1) but I did see a wide variety of sick cardiac patients. I know Im a little biased but I would take the PCU job over the MS/Tele one.


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Thank you! I’m Apply for PCU & hopefully they will hire me & train. I know…..wishful thinking LOL. I would go to MS Tele with the goal of doing PCU. Thank you.

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