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I've been at a SNF for about a year now working the 2-10 shift and applied for a PCU night shift at a local hospital. Passed the phone interview and got invited for an actual in person interview. I was wondering if anyone has any experience as a PCU CNA at night and what I can expect. Thanks

boogalina, ADN, ASN, BSN, MSN, LPN

Specializes in Acute Rehab, IMCU, ED, med-surg. Has 8 years experience.

PCU is like step down for ICU patients who are more stable but not yet ready for discharge or transfer to the med-surg level of care.

Expect 10-15 patients, and to help with taking VS and ADLs, just like in LTC. Expect bariatric patients with mobility limitations.

You might search this forum for this question as it is posed pretty often...