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PCT shift report paper



I dont know what you guys call those but it helps when you get shift reports. Does anyone know where I can find them online? I dont like the ones that my hospital uses because its too confusing for me



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Hmm, when I worked the floor, we just printed the nursing worksheets the nurses used for giving report, and only paid attention to the things that mattered to us (diet, vs, fsbs, drains, activity level, mental status). They come off our charting system with all that information, and then room to write notes about things like who needs a bath and who has annoying family today (LOL).

Are you talking about something that is completely blank and you fill in yourself? We have those, too, but it just seems like so much extra work when the charting system will give us something essentially the same already done, with room to add anything extra.

Maybe check the "gear" forums under the "general" tab - I know there's at least a few posts about "brain/report sheets" being gear too with links to downloadable sheets.

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The CNA's here on Med/Surg usually train orientees to make their own "report worksheet," as we only get a paper with patient names and diagnoses. I'm not aware of any PCT shift report papers online, though.

As an aside, I've found that doing rounds like the old days is the best way to get information on your patients. I always do rounds after I get report. :)

Wow, you hospital guys are so fancy. :)

Here in LTC we use paper towels to write down everything. :yelclap:

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^That's what I was gonna say!

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Huh? :confused:

I live in a poor, rural LTC... and we have very nice report sheets! Well, at least when they are updated...

Thanks for the report everyone

In the end, I just designed my own. I guess some people liked it style and are trying it make it the standard on our floor so I guess I did a good job, hahaha.