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Does anyone have experience working on an ICU as a PCT? I know that PCTs can do phlebotomy but I've often heard that they don't do much, that they mainly help assist the nurse with turning the patient and stock linen. Plus an ICU is usually small, so there aren't that many patients. Is there any truth to this? I just applied for a PCT position on an ICU and I've read the job description and it just sounds like basic CNA work along with phlebotomy.


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i worked in the hospital as a pct once in a while i will get pulled to ICU unit, in reality PCT don't do a lot because a nurse has a two patients, you don't check vital signs because they are hooked up with the machine, only the thing you do is help them turn, restock the rooms,when the patient get transferred to the other unit remove the equipment, you don't do blood draws because most of them has picc or cvl, basically, you do housekeeping that's one of the reason the hire a guys in the icu for transferring a patients

That's just what I thought. It looks like I'm going to try to apply for a position on a different unit. I want to go on a unit where I'll be able to use my skills and at least learn something.

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