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Hi everyone! I recently (Last Thursday) had an interview for PCT in an ED at a local hospital. It was a "group" interview. I put in group in quotations bc there were only 2 of us so I'd hardly consider that a group interview. We interviewed with the Nurse Manager and Nurse educator. She said she would call us back for a second interview once she finished interviewing that week. I got a call about 30 minutes after I left asking me to come back for a Peer panel Interview this Friday but I've checked the status of my application on their site and it says the position has been filled. So I emailed the HR rep who calls and schedules the interviews and asked him if the position was really filled and if I am still scheduled to come in for the peer interview this week. He said the position was filled but they still want me to come in for the peer panel Interview to "see if there is another opportunity in the ER that will be a good fit for you."

Has anyone ever had something like this happen to them? I don't understand why they would want me to come in for a second interview if they've already filled the position or why they would fill the position before I even had a chance to do the peer interview. I didn't think I would get the job before I even went into the first interview bc the listing said they wanted experience and I have none but the nurse manager said they love hiring nursing students so that gave me a little hope. But now I have no idea what to expect.

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