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Do you all fill out those PCI sheets on your pts/residents? The HNs/AHNs used to do it, but now the staff nurses have to do them...Something else to do...{{{Pheeeeeeeew}}} And when pray tell are we supposed to find time for this? I'm still trying to figure out when I'm supposed to do my monthly summaries for this month for pete's sake. Once I went in on my day off to do them...nuts I know, but with the work load that we have I had no choice. I see it coming to that again this month. Am I a whiner? I'm sorry



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I don't know what a PCI sheet is, sorry?

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PCI is Patient Care Inventory. It consists of questions one answers about different sections that should be covered in the CPRS/paper chart. (ie) Is the Health history/admission assessment complete? Are the monthly assessments being done in a consistant manner? Is there Advance directives/DNR documentation? Patient Education? And alot of other questions. You either answer Yes/NO/or N/A. The "Heads That Be" (HN/AHN)decided to let their staff do it instead of themselves. They keep saying, "I hope you're all doing the PCI's." We just look at each other and laugh...I'm thinking, "Are they going to pay us more for doing your job???" It just urks me to no end that they're always adding things for us to do, but never want to pay you anymore for doing it all. There I go whining again...oops!

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