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I am new to this board. In August I will complete a 2nd degree program with a BSN. After passing boards I have opportunity to work in the PCCU of a large teaching hospital. I have a job offer. This summer I will be doing a preceptorship in the ICU of small community hospital (12 bed unit). I don't know if they will hire me for September but, indications are good that if preceptorship goes well it shouldn't be problem. My question.....

Does the PCCU count as ICU experience for acceptance into CRNA programs?

Any thoughts on PCCU vs ICU???





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First of all, welcome to the board! I'm not sure what PCCU is, but if it is a CCU step-down type of thing, it won't give you the best experience for CRNA school. However, if it is a CCU that offers the opportunity to care for plenty of vents, titrating of vasoactive gtts, patients with invasive lines, then it will provide you with a good foundation for anesthesia school. My personal opinion is that Trauma/SICU, CTICU, or MICU in a large teaching hospital will give you the best experience. Best of luck.

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