Pcc to Uci nursing


Im currently attend Pasadena City College and planning to transfer to UCI for their nursing program. On assist.org it says there are 3 no course articulated (Genetics, Biochem, and public health). I can take public health through Access Uci but I can't find any colleges near me that offers genetics and biochem. What if I don't finish all my prereqs before I apply even if it says I must complete it? Am I even allowed to apply if I don't complete everything or will it lower my chances? How do other people accomplish this if I do have to complete everything?

Thank you in advance!

I think you would know the answer if you substituted genetics with.. Let's say microbiology. Why don't you pick up the phone and call the nursing office directly? You might just have to take the classes at uci, or they are coreqs needed for graduation.

I'm currently attending El Camino College as a freshman pre-nursing student and planning on transferring to either UCI, UCLA, or any CalStates for my BSN as well! My school also has "no course articulated" on a few of the pre-reqs, but that just means you're going to have to take them at UCI. UCI's nursing program is SUPER COMPETITIVE. When they say you must finish the pre-reqs, YOU MUST FINISH THEM. They probably automatically cut out those who don't finish them from their applicants. Remember that they only accept 15% of their transfer applicants. If you can't finish the pre-reqs within 2 years (which is HIGHLY likely), take 3 years at pcc. They don't take into consideration how long it takes you at ALL. Also, if you're taking 3 years, might as well take the pre-reqs for UCLA (since they involve taking BIOLOGY classes but Irvine's pre-reqs don't) then apply to UCI. You'll be ahead of the pack applying since they would've only took the pre-reqs Irvine requires.