PCA vs Anesthesia Tech in nursing school


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I did some basic searching for any topics related to my question but didn't find much. I will preface this by saying that I am planning on going on to advanced practice, either as a NP or as a CRNA depending on what I feel I might enjoy more when I have some more experience under my belt. I have been accepted to a RN program and would start in the fall and graduate in 2 years while supporting myself working 32 hours a week on night shift as a nursing assistant.

However, my previous manager, who now manages the main OR in my hospital is encouraging me to work in the OR as an anesthesia technician. The position available is full time day shift and would probably force me to attend the 3 year evening/weekend program. I'm torn between accelerating my RN degree or working and getting experience in anesthesia.

Has anyone been in this position or know someone who has and how it worked for them? Any thoughts are appreciated thanks!


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I currently work as an anesthesia technician and would recommend accelerating your RN. I am not sure about everywhere but primarily we assist when needed and aren't at all involved in the anesthesia care. I feel like you would do yourself a lot more good getting out there and doing nursing because it is all about maintaining your patient and as a tech you have NO hands on with the patients. That ICU time after you get your RN is what is going to be really important in your career goals. The only up side to being a tech would be the recommendations you could get people to write and you can do that as an RN as well.



I am not sure ow the attendings are everywhere but I am also at a Teaching facility - you could pick the brains of the CRNAs residents and attendings that you work with . I have a bit- they are obliging but always keep in mind that they are at work. Sorry about that


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Hello. First you should ask yourself what you really want. You mentioned that the OR manager is encouraging you to take the position. But does this position really line up with your goals and put you in a better position to achieve them? Or not? I'm in my first semester of nursing school and it's definitely a sacrifice. I try to stay mindful that it will pay off when I'm finished. I worked a lot of hours and saved money to cover my finances before starting the program. Thankfully that's also what's been keeping me afloat academically. Pushing back your RN degree to gain experience as an anesthesia tech isn't something that I would do. I would take the opportunity to accelerate my degree now. Be mindful that before being accepted into a CRNA program most programs require you to have two years Critical Care experience as a RN BSN. So after obtaining your RN BSN licensure you may have to have two years Critical Care experience as a prerequisite for a CRNA program.