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PCA Phone Screening Help?


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Hi everyone! I need help or tips to ace this phone screening I will have on Wednesday.

I'm a nursing student (for RN-BSN) off for summer vacation. You can say this will be my first health job interview since the only work experience I have was a couple of months at Sonic during the summer two years ago and Dollar General three years ago. I haven't worked because I wanted to focus on getting accepted into the Nursing program I am in. I do have my CNA I just haven't worked as one. Also, I have volunteer experience as a hospice volunteer and a activity volunteer at another nursing home. I applied for the PCA Newborn NICU position at a children's hospital an hour away from my home town. I really want to work at this hospital because I want to be able to work there once I graduate as an RN (this has been on my mindset since I started at my University).

Please help I don't really know what to expect! I have found some information but would like to get pointed in the right direction a bit more! I really do feel this is my opportunity to get into the hospital I've been hoping to work after graduation and passing the NCLEX of course.

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I suggest looking up common interview questions (there's lots of stuff on youtube) and practice answering them. Write down the questions and your answers and keep reviewing them. This will help you sound more confident and less nervous. It also helps keep the ummms, ahhhs, and stuttering to a minimum. It's ok to pause after they ask you a question, just be silent, don't ummmmmm.

Look up information about the hospital. Read the yearly publication if you can find it.

Have at least two-three questions ready. I asked if there were ways to get involved in the hospital like committees that I could join. They seemed to really like my interest in the hospital. You can ask about scheduling and other normal stuff, but be prepared for them to already tell you about it as a part of their speech they make to all the interviewees.


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Thank you for your help Miiki. I'm definitely going over questions and videos. I'm pretty nervous.