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I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how much a PCA or PCT should expect to make at a St. Louis hospital? I know the wage could vary, but I would just like to get a ballpark idea because I am considering pursing a position while I am in school. I would really appreciate any insight you could give.


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Starting hourly wage for a PCT at BJH is about $9.80, not including difs.

Of course the experience is priceless. :nuke:


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Last I heard, St. Anthony's in south county pays around $9 per hour to start. BJC pays a bit more. Trouble is, the state changed requirements so you must be a CNA, be "grandfathered" in as a PCT, NA, or PCA with experience, a student nurse with your first Med-Surg clinical, or find a place that will put you in a class to be certified or fulfill the state's requirements. I don't think BJC will do the classes. St. Anthony's does (at last check) but I don't know when the will have them next and I think it is a month or so long. They should pay you during your education if you need the "Inexperienced NA" course there. Not many other places are offering that option though because it costs so much, so if you don't have experience or your CNA, check there. I don't know how much time or money it costs to get your CNA but it might be worth it, you'll have more options. Good luck!

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